This necklace is quite special not only for it's combination of crystals but also because it has an Isis crystal face on the twin Smokey Quartz (brown). The Egyptian Goddess Isis was the feminine archetype for creation. 

Twin Smokey Quartz with Isis face - The twin quartz provides patience and if need be tolerance for others whom we need to work with. The smokey quartz provides protection to do this and the Isis face gives the strength and nurturing to understand.

Hematoid Quartz - Reddish (to the left) - For communication with spirit realm

Citrine - Aids manifestation and abundance

Tangerine Quartz (right back) quartz coated with Iron and Gold- Helps release limited beliefs and move into positivity.

Yellow Apatite - To promote prosperity.

These crystals are nestled into a sterling silver half moon cup, I've handmade and represents the feminine.

The Abundance Goddess Necklace

  • Measurements

    Total Length of necklace = 50cm

    Extension chain = 3.5cm

    Crystal Half moon pendant = Approx W 3.5cm x H 3cm

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