Clear Quartz: Is great for mental clarity, harmony, manifesting and if other crystals are placed close to it will magnify their energy. Clear quartz is a definite good all rounder and a must have crystal. It helps to reduce EMF's and spiritually eliminates negativity. It is also used for healing, self acceptance, personal power, patience and is balancing. Emotionally it gives clarity and self love. Clear Quartz assists with positive thoughts. 

Scrying Stone: This is a mini and modern version of a crystal ball, a divination tool. You can ask questions you need answers to.

When using the scrying stone trust your intuition/gut feeling because this is where your true natural abilities to get the answers come from. You may not even see anything in the scrying stone, your may hear the answer in your mind, feel it or the answer may come to you later, perhaps in the dream state when the conscious mind is less of an obstruction. The most important thing is to believe in yourself and your abilities – believe it will happen, and if your intent and belief is strong enough, it will happen.

After choosing your scrying stone, it needs to be cleansed and if you prefer programmed for the specific purpose of scrying.


Rose Quartz: Is calming, balancing and helps relieve stress.

Emotionally it assists with love, kindness, compassion, calms anger, and is good for forgiveness and healing. This stone is great for the self: self nurture, self love, self healing. It also assists with positive thinking and confidence.


Selenite: Releases unwanted or unhealthy energy, removes energy blocks and stagnant energy. Provides mental clarity and assists to see one's past and future. Soothes the emotions.


Approximate measurements:

Clear Quartz Scrying Stone: L 4cm x 3.5cm

Rose Quartz: 946gms L 13cm x W 8cm x H 9.5cm

Selenite: L 7cm x W 4cm


Nurture and Calm Bundle


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