Celestite: Ideal for spiritual communication, clairaudience and astral travel. Also aids mental clarity and helps one to reach their potential.

It assists in reducing worry and stress and building a happy disposition.

Selenite:  Releases unwanted or unhealthy energy, removes energy blocks and stagnant energy. Provides mental clarity and assists to see one's past and future. Soothes the emotions.

Lapis Lazuli: One of my all time favourites! Use this crystal to bring forth ancient knowledge, Goddess knowledge that helps to empower. It enhances intuition, psychic abilities and provides spiritual protection. 

Emotionally it assists with calming anxiety and tension.


Meditation for Spiritual Communication.

Using these 3 crystals together sets the stage for increased spiritual communication. Have a pen and paper ready.

Place the crystals in the shape of a triangle and sit within it and set the intention to communicate with the spirit realm only for your highest good, if you have a question put it forward. Take time to become quiet and then just allow your mind to gently shift from one crystal to the next, in a gentle repetitive manner, answers or clarity can just pop into your head so write them down even if they don't make sense as clarity may come later down the track.

Of course these crystals can be used seperately for whatever intention you like.

All crystals are cleansed and reikied before they are sent out.


Celestite Approx L: 9.5cm x W 7cm x H 6.5cm

Selenite Approx L: 17cm x W 4.5cm x H 3cm

Lapis Lazuli Approx L: 3.3cm x W 2.3cm

Communication Bundle 2


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