crystal properties

The energy naturally emitted by crystals (gemstones) can benefit people in various ways, for physical, intellectual, emotional or spiritual wellbeing.


Different crystals have different properties but, in general, they have the ability to empower the individual, redress energetic imbalances and strengthen the spirit of the holder or wearer.


Crystals work on the individual when the wearer has a definitive intent


Anyone can benefit from the wearing of this jewellery.


I cleanse each piece of jewellery, dedicate it and charge it using

Reiki and once you receive it you can program it for the property relating to your specific intent.


I work with natural gemstones that have not been treated. The efficacy of treated stone is reduced, which leaves the element of colour as its primary healing value. 



Information on crystal properties throughout this site with thanks to

Natural Energies College, Judy Hall and Melody.


For more information:

Crystal Properties by Natural Energies College

Love is in the Earth by Melody

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

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